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model c

smaller concert grand

Measuring 227 cm in length, the Steinway & Sons "Smaller Concert Grand" offers a large variety of sound and touch from soft piano to strong forte, from clear treble to deep bass. It is a piano that is dynamic and full of character.

"Steinway gives me the freedom to be me. With Steinway, there are no boundaries to my musical expression."


In addition to the D-274, Steinway & Sons offers a concert grand piano which, with its length of 227 cm, is ideal for smaller concert halls and stages as well as amateur musicians who desire the beauty and power of a concert grand piano at home. Thanks to its considerable range of sound and touch, the Steinway C-227 grand piano can unfold its full potential in generously proportioned living rooms.

Whether it is a house concert, a recital or music-making for its own sake, this grand piano offers ample inspiration and meets the highest demands. The Steinway Model C grand piano will give newfound expression and vitality to your music day after day — acoustically and visually. From the first touch, you will feel how much attention to handcrafted detail and precision has gone into this grand piano and its uniqueness.


To call a Steinway C-227 one’s own is to own a grand piano that institutions, professionals and ambitious pianists worldwide value and enjoy. Your instrument will fill you and your loved ones with pride and provide continuous musical enjoyment.

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