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Your Steinway Investment

An investment in a Steinway is a sound investment for the future. When you own a Steinway & Sons Piano, you have acquired a precious heirloom for future generations...

Resale value

In the unlikely event that you should ever want to part with your Steinway, you will not have difficulty in finding a buyer. No other instrument offers the fundamental durability that makes the repair of almost every used Steinway a worthwhile investment. What is more, no other instrument is as desirable on the second-hand market, where it is capable of commanding 25-30% of the current list price even after 30 years of use. Steinway pianos have passed down generations within a family, and yet commanded an unbelievable price when sold, simply because, a Steinway appreciates over time. It is an investment as much as it is an instrument of unimpeachable quality.  

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