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The Steinway Experience with Jonathan James Paul


Jonathan James Paul is a Composer, Pianist & Performing Artist. He has performed solo and with top artists from Asia for over 300 concerts across 23 countries. A self-taught musician, who grew up in the Himalayas, he is actively involved in Music Educational programmes in various institutions in India including Furtados Music India (Mumbai). 

Steinway & Sons India partnered with Jonathan to experience all Steinway design models, the Essex, the Boston and the Steinway piano. Jonathan plays his compositions on each of these piano models and shares his experience with the audience!


In a three-part series, he plays on a Boston for the first part. Here, he performs the “Echo of the Waves”, one of his compositions, on the Boston Grand GP178 to get to feel the way the piano enhances his performance. He shares with the audience that the Steinway-designed Boston Piano is the perfect piano for concertising pianists. He goes on to share his relationship with Furtados Music since his college days. He calls the Boston Piano to be a gift even for future generations. 

In the second part of this series, he experiences the sound on an Essex Upright EUP116. He plays a piece called the “Highlander” and shares with the audience the feeling of playing on a Steinway-designed Essex piano. He believes that the Essex Pianos are the perfect piano for students and teachers. “This piano that Steinway has designed, it lacks nothing in terms of finish, style, quality of sound, responsiveness, I feel it all with this piano” – Jonathan Paul says as he compares it to a Steinway with the highest sound quality, when it comes to pianos that he performs on.

Lastly, it is time to play on a Steinway Grand Piano. Steinway & Sons are known for their exceptional Grand pianos, including concert grands, and salon grands. Jonathan plays one of his precious pieces, “Guardian”, on the Steinway Baby Grand Model S-155. He explains why the Steinway Grand is the gold standard of musical instruments, representing over 165 years of dedication to craftsmanship and uncompromised expression by Steinway & Sons. “Just the touch, the sensitivity and the dynamic expression that I can evoke from this instrument is just a beautiful and phenomenal experience for me personally”, says Jonathan after experiencing the last of the Steinway Pianos.


At the end of the three series, we see the difference and similarities in sound quality, tone, features, responsiveness, and ease of playing. He approves and urges the audience to take a step to experience the Steinway pianos. He ends the series by saying, “There is absolutely no experience that compares to playing a Steinway piano.”

The team at Steinway & Sons India had the joy of listening to Jonathan Paul’s compositions being performed live on the grand Steinway Pianos and had the honour of being appreciated for the craft of the instrument and the experiences it provides.


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