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Steinway & Sons Pianos turned 170 years old on March 5, 2023. A brand that Henri E Steinway started out in his kitchen in 1853 has become the most respected, loved, and trusted brand for pianos in the world. Steinway Pianos have been producing the “World’s Best Possible Piano” for over 170 years now and will continue to do so, with their path breaking and latest technologies that take the piano and piano playing in the present and into the future.

Furtados Music celebrated this wonderful and momentous landmark with a special concert by Indian Young Steinway Artist, Neville Bharucha, performing an eclectic selection of classical works by some of the greatest composers like Tchaikovsky, Chopin, and more. The concert took place at the Furtados Mumbai Showroom in South Mumbai on 7th January 2024. A large audience was invited to witness and celebrate their love for a fabulous morning of music making.

The concert started with Neville bringing in a little history about Steinway & Furtados. His performance included multiple wonderfully curated pieces and his introductions to these pieces provided the audience with a setting and reference to understand the music better and in the right context. Anthony Gomes, director of Furtados Music, the official dealers of Steinway & Sons in India, gave the audience a special presentation about the Secrets of Steinway and why a Steinway Piano commands the respect and love from all that play it. The secrets covered the major manufacturing processes and features of Steinway Pianos and how it is perfected for their customers which include some of the greatest concert pianists, performers, artistes and composers, not to mention the who’s who of society.

The concert ended with a boisterous rendition of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker and the audience was spellbound by Neville’s pianism and the sonorous sound of the Steinway Piano. A group of people getting together to celebrate their love for arguably the best piano there is, was surely a resounding success.

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