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On 19th April, a Monday evening, the Prithvi Theatre in Mumbai hosted a delightful Salon Concert. The event featured four international artists - Peter Gorobets and Emma Gilljam-Tillu on the piano, Farah Ghadiali as a soprano, and Zubin Behramkamdin on the violin. The concert was curated for an intimate audience and featured a selection of light pieces that highlighted the exceptional talent of the performers.


The artists were no strangers to the world stage, having performed at renowned venues and events worldwide. Peter Gorobets, a Russian pianist, has performed at various concerts as a soloist and chamber musician throughout Russia, Germany, England, and France. Emma Gilljam-Tillu, a Swedish pianist, has performed at concert houses around Sweden, at several Chamber Music festivals, and as a soloist with several orchestras. Farah, an Indian soprano, has performed at some of the most prestigious venues, including Covent Garden and the Royal Albert Hall in London. Zubin Behramkamdin, an Indian violinist, has performed at the Con Brio Festival, the Europeans Youth Orchestra, and more!


The highlight of the evening was the use of the Steinway & Sons Grand Piano Model S which the pianists used for their performances. This piano is renowned for its sound quality, making it perfect for any concert. We asked the artists what they thought about the Piano and here’s what they had to say, “As pianists, we play on multiple pianos at different concerts, so there is comfort in knowing there's going to be a Steinway.”, says Emma. Peter agreed with her and stated that “There is more freedom with a Steinway, you can express yourself freely with this piano.” Farah, the soprano, also spoke about the unique qualities of the Steinway, saying, “The tone is very different from any other piano, thus, giving accuracy to any piece.”


Each artist has excelled in music in different ways - from playing in world-class orchestras, performing under the baton of Maestro Zubin Mehta to performing in venues like the Royal Opera House and Royal Festival Hall in London. All of them (except Zubin, a high-profile lawyer) are full-time musicians. Their mission is to raise the standard of music in India, and their performance at the Salon Concert was a testament to their commitment to this goal. With the support of Furtados Music provisioning the Steinway & Sons Grand Piano Model S, the artists were able to deliver a truly exceptional performance that left the audience mesmerized.


In conclusion, the Salon Concert featuring the Steinway & Sons Grand Piano Model S was an unforgettable evening of music and artistry. The performance by the four international artists was exceptional, and the Steinway piano was the perfect accompaniment to their talents. The event was a true celebration of music, and it is sure to have left a lasting impression on those fortunate enough to attend.


Peter Gorobets & Farah Ghadiali are performing again at the Steinway & Sons India Showroom, Mumbai on 30th April. If you are interested to attend the concert, contact us via email or mobile. Thank you!


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