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Steinway Artist Masterclass by Chelsea & Chloe De Souza


The Steinway Artist Masterclass conducted by the dynamic duo Chelsea and Chloe De Souza took place in the Bengaluru & Mumbai showrooms of Furtados Music. This highly anticipated Masterclass created an immersive experience for all who attended. The Masterclass, centred around the theme of learning, aimed to enrich the participants' understanding of piano performance from two accomplished artists, Chelsea and Chloe, who skillfully curated a program, ensuring that young artists stayed updated and discovered new avenues to enhance their piano-playing skills.


The opening of the show was a mesmerising introduction to piano lessons, where Chloe engaged the audience on why certain pieces are performed in a specific manner and how performers can move away from conventional playing to achieve exceptional results. The crowd was spellbound as Chloe and Chelsea guided the first two performers, helping them overcome their difficulties with a Chopin and a Beethoven piece, respectively.


In a different segment of the Masterclass, Chelsea took the stage to deliver a thought-provoking presentation on the significance of freedom in performance. Her words resonated deeply with the attendees as she emphasised the importance of letting go of stress and allowing one's body to flow harmoniously with the music. The teaching and learning process continued with the last two performers, as Chelsea and Chloe provided individualised attention, identifying areas for improvement and offering valuable insights. Witnessing this transformation firsthand left the audience in awe of these two artists’ talent and knowledge.


Both Bengaluru and Mumbai witnessed an enthusiastic audience, eager to immerse themselves in a diverse repertoire spanning various composers. The attendees not only enjoyed the captivating performances but also absorbed invaluable lessons from these exceptional artists. It was truly an unforgettable experience for students and established piano players alike. The artists and learners at the Masterclass experienced the Steinway Grand Piano. The melodious notes from this instrument acted as an assistant, enabling performers to unlock their full potential and keep the audience hooked. 


Chelsea and Chloe shared their connection with Steinway, expressing their love for the instrument, and highlighting how it had played an integral role in their artistic journeys. The Steinway piano not only shaped them into exceptional teachers but also helped them evolve into extraordinary artists. With Chelsea and Chloe's expert guidance and the support of the Steinway piano, this event will forever be cherished by all pianists.

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