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Nostalgic bollywood hits on the piano


Jay Parte, is an accomplished pianist and winner of Con Brio 2014. Jay showed an early interest in Western Classical music, thanks to his first piano teacher, and went on to achieve great heights in piano playing. However, he grew up immersed in Indian classical music through his mother, who is a classical singer, and Bollywood music through his father. He is the grandson of Mr. Jaikumar Parte, a prolific arranger of Bollywood songs that we still listen to and love today. Jay endeavours to carry on his grandfather’s legacy and perform in tribute to all the musicians who created magic in the golden days of Bollywood. 

Alongside his father Tushar Parte and percussionists, Nitin Shankar in Mumbai and Shantanu Kher in Pune, Jay performed Nostalgic Bollywood Hits for Indian audiences on the Steinway Grand Piano. Some of the hits are sure to spark memories of the golden era of movies and the musicians who worked tirelessly behind the scenes. They include songs like Pal Pal Dil ke Paas, Chandan Sa Badan, Yeh Mera Dil Pyaar ka Deewana, and many more. 

Jay’s mission is to demonstrate that the piano, typically associated with Western music, can also harmoniously showcase Bollywood music. Although it has an image leaning towards Western music, the Grand Piano is featured in multiple Bollywood movies, and Jay has leveraged his expertise in score writing to bring these Bollywood classics to life. 

He feels honoured to perform on a Steinway Grand Piano, appreciating the tonality and sound that a Steinway provides, which he believes no other piano can match. Consequently, he starts every concert with a few solo performances of Western classical pieces, allowing the audience to truly experience the Steinway sound and then immerses himself in the music of Indian cinema during the group performances giving the listener an exposure to the vast tonal palate that is a Steinway piano. 

Below, you will find a few images from his concerts at the Furtados showrooms in Mumbai & Pune. He continues to perform extensively across India, and we hope you attend his concerts soon.

Nitin Shankar, Jay Parte and Tushar Parte

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