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Young Steinway Artist Neville Bharucha performed at the Furtados Music Showroom in Bangalore for an audience awed by his performance and the Steinway on 18th Dec 2022!

Neville has been associated with Furtados ever since he won the Con Brio Piano Competition of the year 2011. Not only that, he has been accoladed with several other awards for his amazing piano-playing skills, also one of the reasons for him to be a Young Steinway Artist. He currently lives and works in Hamburg as a concert pianist and music producer.


Neville came through with a classic repertoire including composers like Haydn, Chopin, and Debussy. Being a Steinway Artist, he performed on a Steinway-designed piano, the Essex Grand EGP - 173 in a beautiful Walnut Finish. The Essex is designed by Steinway & Sons and incorporates Steinway’s latest designs, engineering standards, and commitment to excellence! The sound of the Steinway-designed piano resonated throughout the showroom elevating the performance to a new level. 

Neville spoke to the audience about each of the pieces he performed and their composers at the beginning of each performance. He played the Essex Piano with great intensity yet mesmerising. The audience was overjoyed and loved the efforts put in by Neville. There wasn’t a dull moment throughout the wonderful morning!

Neville was felicitated with a Furtados Music Goodie bag along with the audience. There were a lot of lively discussions about Neville’s work, appreciation for his performances, classical music and Steinway pianos. Everyone left with refreshments and smiling faces, making the concert on the Classic Grand a Grand success!


Neville is performing at the Furtados L. M. Showroom in Mumbai on 8th January. We couldn’t be more excited and would love for you to join us. If you are interested, please contact us at

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